Choose a Company With Strong Roots

Choose a Company With Strong Roots

We've been tree trimming and pruning for years in Beaverton, OR

When you need a company to tackle tree trimming in Beaverton, OR, you don't want a company that's new to the task. You want a company that's familiar with local trees, tree issues and corrective techniques.

For more than four years, Caters Power Washing, LLC has been making local trees grow strong with tree trimming and pruning services. We're led by a company owner with more than 10 years of experience. Call 503-707-4391 to ask for tree pruning or trimming services by the experts.

Find out what we can do for your trees

You can choose from a range of tree pruning and trimming services depending on what your trees need.

We can:

Prune young red alder trees to help them grow
Prune willow trees to encourage a beautiful shape
Trim trees as tall as 40 feet

Count on us to keep your trees in beautiful, flourishing condition. Get in touch with us to schedule tree care services.